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GDPR Compliant

is an innovative product, adaptable for and applicable to any business and activity.

GDPR Compliant

creates an unique legal and technical infrastructure for every project depending on client’s necessities.

GDPR Compliant

adds value to the business as it brings order into information flows of personal data and creates flexible solutions for specific needs.

Additional services

  • External DPO (Data Protection Officer)
  • Current and subsequent legal and technical compliance audit.
  • Support in choosing optimal technical solutions
  • Custom advisory and legal architecture
  • Legal representation

GDPR is an abbreviation. It stands for Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation).


Data subject is a natural person who can be identified through an identifier such as name, ID, location data, IP address etc.

Data controller is any person, including public authority, that processes personal data.

Data processor is any person that processes personal data under instructions and on behalf of the data controller.


Since May 25 2018 the GDPR has been obligatory for any data controllers within the EU.

The GDPR is also mandatory for anyone that:

  • collects and/or processes EU citizens’ personal data
  • is settled within the EU or offers goods or services to EU citizens
  • monitors EU citizens’ behaviour

Personal data means any information on the ground of which a natural person can be directly or indirectly identified  through an identifier such as name, UCN, IP address, health data, financial status etc.

Data processing means any operation carried out with personal data. For example: collection, recording, storage, use, erasure etc.

Data breach is what leads to accidental or unauthorised destruction, loss, change, disclosure or access to personal data.


In the general case the data controller bears responsibility for any personal data being processed and secured.

When in that process a data processor is included, the latter bears responsibility for the actions that are under their control.


The GDPR introduces much more stringent sanctions against non compliance to the rules:

  • Monetary: up to EUR 20 mln or 4% of the company’s world turnover.

Non-monetary: could lead to ban for data processing and certificate revocation.

Stages of the project

Achieving compliance with the GDPR is a process!

GDPR Compliant consists of six general modules.

Additional services and tests can be applied, depending on client’s needs and preferences.

Here we carry out the primaryGDPR compliance analysis of the data controller - gap analysis.
The first stage finishes with an action plan.

Within the second module the whole in-house company paperwork and legal frame are carried out: policies, orders, declarations, instructions, company procedures etc.

The third phase of the project is focused on the relationships between data controller and data subjects, considering the business specifics and communication means with customers.

Data controllers often use third party services - data processors, for activity optimisation purposes. Therefore, our fourth module deals with fully settling those relationships.

The fifth stage is strategic. It concerns the relationships between data controller and supervisory authorities in case of personal data breach or loss.

Within the final stage of the project we provide working algorithms for practical implementation of the preceding five modules into the business of the controller.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6

Even the best legal frame would be useless and ineffective if it stays on paper - without any practical application!

The active position of the data controller or processor is an important part of the process of achieving GDPR Compliance

Additional services

We know that each business and commercial structure has their specifics.

The same goes with personal data processing.

Therefore, data controllers in different spheres may need additional services, such as:

  • Evaluation of the necessity for appointing a DPO
  • Analysis of the necessity for maintaining record of processing activities
  • Carrying out data protection impact assessment (DPIA)
  • Evaluation of legitimate interest as a legal ground for data processing

Specific services

Adaptation requires movement.

In the area of personal data we create out-of-the-frame solutions for custom requests and specific cases.

And something more…

Yes, together with our partners we offer technical solutions, that would lead the business and personal data controllers to the next communication level.

We can take care of all that.

High quality guarantee

GDPR Compliant has a guarantee for its quality.

We believe in the efficiency of our work. Therefore, we give 12 month guarantee for what we carry out.

Technical Solutions for Business



High level security

  • Technological Gap Analysis
  • Custom security strategy and GDPR compliance
  • Allocated monitoring mechanisms - 24/7/365
  • Data security trainings
  • Maintaining data breach registry
  • Stress tests
  • Accountability

OPA Solutions

Solutions Based on Synology

Leader in network-attached storage (NAS)

  • Product characteristics:

High-quality products

Full compatibility with all OS

Big choice of functionalities

  • Capabilities:

File server

Access management

Data protection in case of defect

Data and Access encryption

Data backup automatisation

Own cloud

Functional server

“The GDPR Compliant Team carried out all necessary job for achieving compliance with considering the highest professional standards”

Ivailo Todorov

CEO “Boliarka VT” JSC
“Our partnership is based on The GDPR Compliant Team's competent statements, the quality of their product and in-time execution of contractual obligations.”

Rosalina Koleva

“Grand Travel” LLC
“We would recommend GDPR Compliant to any company that wants quality compliance to the GDPR”

Dobromir Ganev

Manager “Foros NREC” LLC
“We are secured about having duly carried out our normative obligations as personal data controller, having by our side the professional team and management of GDPR Compliant. ”

V. Kostadinov

Technical Director “Synthesia” LLC

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