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The present GENERAL TERMS OF USE regulate the relationships between “ETTER” LLC as the Administrator of , on the one side, and its users, on the other side. By loading our website the user agrees to get informed and follow the rules set herein.


Via our website we grand its user the use of under the condition of keeping the good-faith and thoughtful following of the general terms of use. The granted services do not include providing computer equipment or any other clients’ software, hardware or Internet connection, necessary for accessing the website.


1. Scope
The website is created and accessible for unlimited circle of Users.
2. Purpose
Via our website we aim at mainly two things: 1) to share with you what we deal in and 2) to provide information on how Users can contact us, make enquiries for certain services, their rights and the means for enforcing them.
3. Agreement
By accepting the present general terms of use the User agrees to communicate with us via e-mail and any electronic letter would or could be regarded as a binding legal statement. Thus, any exchanged emails and/or other electronic messages will be considered as legal statements.
4. Rights and obligations
The user has the right to access in real time our website. This right does not include the right to copy or represent information, or use objects protected by copyright.
5. Social media
We can put links to social networks on our website. Those social networks are third parties that most probably would install “cookies” (and/or other tracking technologies) on your devices.
6. Contact form
There is a contact form on our website, from where users can get in touch with use and make requests and enquiries. Any User’s information provided there will be considered freely given by means of act.


We can always and without any preliminary notification change our general terms of use. We will publish those changes on appropriate place on our website and they will be enforces ex-nunc.


If something goes wrong we and the user accept to communicate in the spirit of goodwill and friendship.
If the latter does not help solving possible legal disputes, the competent Bulgarian court will have legal jurisdiction. Bulgarian laws will apply, except if another law is not applicable according to current Private International Law rules.

administrator “ETTER” LLC
Sede Sofia, Bulgaria
Management 17, “F.J.Curie” Str., block 2, floor 9, ap. 17, 1113, Sofia, Bulgaria
BULSTAT 201895543
Manager Tona Trifonova
Telephone +359 2 983 2187
Published 17.12.2018
Revised n/a
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